Best Facial Hair Remover for Sensitive Skin for Women

Best Facial Hair Remover for Sensitive Skin for WomenAre you tired of having visible hair on your face? Have you tried different ways to remove the hair on your face but feel like nothing works? Do you find hair removal painful? If you said yes to any of these questions, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have found the best facial hair remover for sensitive skin!

If you are a woman, having facial hair can be annoying for several reasons. Hair can make putting on makeup harder, and if it’s visible, it can make you feel self-conscious.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, hair removal creams and regular razors can irritate your skin easily. This alternative is seriously painless and actually works.


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Best Facial Hair Remover for Sensitive Skin

Finishing Touch’s Flawless Hair Remover is seriously the best facial hair remover for sensitive skin.

Before we talk about why we love it so much, we’re going to explain to you how it works.

Finishing touch Flawless hair remover


How It Works

When you first take the tool out of the package, you will need to insert the included AA battery. To do this, you will take off the lid and then pull up on the metal part. The battery goes in the bottom portion of the hair remover. It may seem like you’re going to break it when you’re trying to get it out, but don’t worry, you won’t!

There is a picture on the inside that shows you how to insert the battery once you have your hair remover taken apart. Put the two pieces back together, and you’re ready to use it.


Step 1: Turn It On

After you take the lid off, you can turn the device on. To turn it on, push up on the metal part connected to the plastic bottom (it looks like a vertical line). On our device, the on switch is a rose gold color.

When you turn it on, it will start to make a noise, and a little light will come on right by the switch.


Step 2: Remove Hair

Once it’s on, you are ready to remove the hair on your face. We would suggest looking in a mirror to make sure you get all the hair.

Move the blade (the round top) in circles on the area you want to shave. Keep in mind that this tool is made for facial hair on women. It will not work as well if you are using it on thick, coarse hair like you have on other parts of your body.

Finishing touch Flawless hair remover


Step 3: Clean the Device

After you are done removing hair from your face, turn off the device. You need to clean out all of the hair you just removed. To do this, unscrew the very top part of the device (this is the blade).

Your device should have come with a little brush to help you clean it out. Use the brush to remove all the hair from the inside of the blade and the section below the blade.

Screw the blade back on when you’re finished.

Put the lid back on, and you’re done!


How this product compares to other hair removal products

There are other products that you can use to remove hair such as razors, hair removal cream, and wax. Before trying this product we used to bleach the hair on our upper lip or use a hair removal cream. I (Janie) tried wax before as well, and it was so painful and left a big red mark on my face.

The problems we’ve come across in other methods is that it can be messy, painful, expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective.

Finishing Touch’s Flawless Hair Remover doesn’t have any of the issues we listed above.


Is it messy?

There is literally no mess when you use this device. All of the hair that is removed from your face goes underneath the blade. You won’t see the hair until you open it up to clean it.


Is it painful?

Some people are afraid to use a hair removal device because they’re worried that it will hurt.

We can tell you for certain that it doesn’t hurt at all! I (Jessica) have very sensitive skin, and this doesn’t hurt or irritate my skin.

The only reason that it would hurt is if you had a cut or already irritated skin in an area you were trying to shave.


Is it expensive?

We purchased it for $20, but I have seen it even cheaper since then.

If the blades get dull, you can purchase replacement blades. We have both been using the same device with the original blade at least twice a month for six months, and we have not had to replace the blade yet.

At some point you will have to replace the battery, but ours is still working fine.

If you do need to purchase replacement blades, you can buy them pretty cheaply on Amazon.


Is it time-consuming?

When we used to use hair removal cream, we would have to wait up to ten minutes before the hair would be removed (and sometimes it still left hair).

With this product, it removes the hair right away. It takes less than a minute to remove the hair on your upper lip and chin.

If you miss a spot, it is easy to go back and remove the hair.


Does it work?

This is the most important question that people want to know. Yes, it really does work!

We were a little skeptical after watching the commercial on TV. It took us a couple years before we finally gave it a try. We shouldn’t have waited so long!

It really does what it says it does. It removes all the hair, and it does not grow back quickly.

For us, it takes about a month for it to fully grow back. I use it two to three times a month.

It leaves your face feeling smooth, and you can’t see any hair.


Where can you buy it?

We’ve seen it in a few stores, but you can buy it for the same price or cheaper on Amazon.

It is important that you make sure you are buying an official Finishing Touch hair remover and not a knock-off.

You can purchase the Finishing Touch Hair Remover here on Amazon.

For the replacement blades, you can purchase a pack of four on Amazon.


Other products by Finishing Touch

If you like this product, there are several other products you can purchase from Finishing Touch.

Note: we have not tried these products yet and cannot guarantee that they work well.

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover

Finishing Touch Flawless Contour Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager


We think this is the best facial hair remover for sensitive skin!

Comment your thoughts and experiences down below!


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Best Facial Hair Remover for Women
Best Facial Hair Remover for Women
Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover Review
Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover Review

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