Why I’m an Ipsy Subscriber

makeupOver the years, I have tried LOTS of different skin care and makeup products because I didn’t know what would work for my skin type and complexion. I felt bad every time I threw away a face wash or stopped using a bottle of foundation. I kept thinking “I’m wasting so much money, but I just don’t know what to buy that’s right for me.” That’s when I discovered Ipsy!

I saw it advertised several times on Facebook. I had never done a subscription to any company before, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money. But, I felt that I could try Ipsy and not waste that much money since I could cancel at any time. So I finally decided to start subscribing to them in August 2017. I have not regretted it since!


Ipsy makeup
Ipsy makeup

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What Is Ipsy?

So you might be wondering, “what is Ipsy?” If you have never heard of Ipsy, it is a beauty company that sends you makeup, skincare, and hair care products in a makeup bag every month.

This is a subscription service that introduces you to new brands as well as giving you products from brands that you know and love.

If you like wearing makeup at all, you should consider trying out Ipsy!


How It Works

When you sign up, you fill out a beauty profile that asks you questions about what types of products and brands you would like to try. It also asks you your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. You can change your beauty profile whenever you want to update it. Once I received several eyeliners, I decided that I had enough eyeliners. All I had to do is uncheck eyeliners to stop receiving so many of them.

Also, when you receive your products, you have the option to review each item and your bag as a whole. Your reviews allow Ipsy to see which products and brands you like and don’t like. This makes your next Glam bag more tailored to your likes. You also get points for reviewing your items. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for an extra product that you get to choose from a list.

Sign up for our resource library by clicking on the image below, or visit the resource library if you’ve already signed up!

Do you love makeup products? Save money on makeup products when you subscribe to Ipsy! Receive 5 quality products a month in a cute makeup bag for only $10 a month with free shipping! #beautyboost #beautyblogger #makeupbrushes


At the beginning of every month, you have the option to see what items you are getting for the month. You can choose not to see them if you would like to be surprised. Then, you receive the items in the mail after a couple weeks depending on what part of the country you live in.

Starting in October 2019, Ipsy is allowing you to choose one of the items you will receive in your Glam bag.


How Much Does It Cost?

Ipsy has grown a lot since I first started subscribing to them. Originally, there was only one size of Glam bag that you could get, but they have upped it to three! They have also introduced add-ons and Ipsy Shopper as well.


Ipsy Glam Bag

This is the smallest bag you can buy. It costs $12 a month, and you receive five makeup products. Most will be sample size, but sometimes you will receive full size products!


Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

This is the next size up that you can buy. You will receive five full size products for $25 a month. If you wear a lot of makeup or would rather have more full size products, this is a great size to choose.


Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

Currently, this is the largest size bag you can buy. This bag costs $50 a month, and you will receive 12 beauty products in every bag. These products will be a mixture of sample sizes and full sized products.



Each month, you will get the option to add up to five products to your bag for more money. You can add on sample products for $3 each and full size products for $12 each.

You will get notified at the beginning of the month that add-ons are available. You will want to add anything that you want right away because they sell out quickly.

Add-ons are just an option, so you are not required to purchase them. If you choose to buy them, you will receive them with your monthly subscription bag. They do not have any additional shipping costs.


Ipsy Shopper

Ipsy also has the option for you to buy makeup products from them that don’t come in your monthly subscription. Sometimes, they have some really awesome deals.

One time I bought a package of six nail polishes by Pretty Woman. It only cost $12, so I thought that was an awesome deal!

They have different deals every month, so there is a lot of variety to what you can get. Also, they offer cash back on a lot of their Ipsy Shopper purchases.


Why You Should Subscribe to Ipsy

Quality Items

In my opinion, Ipsy is worth the $12 a month because of the quality items you get, plus the bags themselves are really nice. Most items I have received are nicer than products I have bought at a drugstore or grocery store. The items they send you definitely total more than $12. Sometimes they give you full sized versions of products, and the makeup brushes are awesome!

Variety of Items & Brands

There are so many different items that you can receive in your bag each month. I have gotten lots of brushes (because I love them!) and then a variety of makeup and skincare products. I have only gotten a few items so far that are the same brand as a previous item. It’s so nice to be able to try different brands and products to see what works well for you.


What to Expect

You will not love every item that you receive from Ipsy, but I usually love 3 out of the 5 items I receive each month. Even with that in consideration, it is still worth the $12 a month. You get to learn what you like and find amazing products that you didn’t even know about. Here are some of my favorite products that I have received since I started in August 2017:


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara

This mascara is really nice because it makes my lashes look long without them being clumpy.

You can purchase this mascara on Amazon.


Colourpop Pressed Eye Shadow

I love this eye shadow and wear it all the time. This shade is a pretty rose gold color.

You can buy Colourpop eye shadows on Amazon.



Cuccio Colour Nail Polish

This nail polish lasted a long time, and I really liked the color.

You can buy this brand of nail polish on Amazon.

nail polish

It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner

I love this leave-in conditioner. It made my hair look a lot nicer, and it smells really good!

Buy it on Amazon.

leave-in conditioner

Luxie Eye Shadow Brush

I love Luxie brushes. They are well-made and soft.

They are also pretty affordable. Purchase them from Amazon.

eyeshadow brush


Here are some of my favorite bags:

makeup bags

How to Subscribe to Ipsy

If you would like to help me earn points, you can visit Ipsy through my link and sign up! I only recommend Ipsy because I myself use it and love it!


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Do you love makeup products? Save money on makeup products when you subscribe to Ipsy! Receive 5 quality products a month in a cute makeup bag for only $10 a month with free shipping! #beautyboost #beautyblogger #makeupbrushes

why i'm an ipsy subscriber

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