Homemade Birthday Card Tutorial

Homemade Birthday Card TutorialIf you’re looking to save a little money and make something unique, this homemade birthday card tutorial is for you! I will show you step by step how to make a fun DIY 3D card that you can use for birthdays, thank you cards, or any other occasion.

This card is easy to make and only requires a few materials.


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Homemade Birthday Card Materials



Homemade Birthday Card Directions

3d card

Step 1: Print Out Pictures

For this card you will need either a picture of an animal or a person.

Print out two copies of the same picture on a piece of card stock.

Most printers can print on card stock using the rear tray of the printer. If you are not able to print on card stock, you will have to print on regular paper and attach it to card stock.

I used a picture of a dog for my card, and each picture takes up about half of a piece of 8.5” x 11” card stock.


Step 2: Create the Base

blank card

You can save time by using a pre-made card, or you can fold a piece of card stock in half to use for the card.

Depending on how big you want the card to be will determine how big of a piece of card stock to use. I recommend 8.5” x 11”, but you could use a different size as well.


Step 3: Cut Out One Picture

cut out dog

Take one of your printed pictures and cut it out. You will want to cut out the background of the picture.

For my example, I cut out around the dog. It doesn’t have to be super exact cutting. You can leave a small edge if you would like.


Step 4: Glue Picture on Card Stock

Take the picture you just cut out and glue it to the front of your card using tacky glue.


Step 5: Cut Out Head

cut out dog head

With the second photograph you printed, cut out just the head of the animal or person.


Step 6: Create Spring


If you already have a large spring you can skip this step.

I used galvanized picture wire to create a large spring. My wire says that it holds up to 30 lbs. It just needs to be strong enough that it will hold the shape of the spring.

Create the spring by wrapping wire around an object about as big around as a quarter. You want your spring to be smaller around than the head you cut out, but not that much smaller.


Step 7: Attach the Spring to the Head

glue on spring

Glue the spring to the back of the head and let dry before moving on to the next step (I waited about an hour to make sure it was completely dry).

While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, you can write, stamp, put stickers, etc. in the inside of your card.

I stamped “Happy Birthday!” on the inside, but you can also just write a message.


Step 8: Attach the Spring to the Card

diy 3d card

After the glue has dried, you can attach the other end of the spring to the card. Glue the spring right over the head on the card. This will make the head look 3D.

I sat something on top of the card to keep the spring pressed down while it was drying. Again, let it dry before doing anything else with it.


What kinds of DIY 3D cards have you made?

Comment down below!


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