Graduation Gifts on a Budget

Graduation Gifts on a BudgetWith both college and high school graduations coming near, it’s time to think about graduation gifts. We are on a tight budget all the time, so we don’t spend a lot on gifts (more on family). Here are some graduation gift ideas if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.


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1. Gift Cards

Gift cards to grocery stores, restaurants, or even a generic card like a prepaid Visa card can make great graduation gifts.

Most high school graduates will not have a lot of extra money once they are living in a dorm or apartment.

It’s a nice change to eat somewhere else other than on campus or a big help to buy a few groceries.

If the person is a college graduate, gift cards can be nice until they get started with a new job. A lot of college graduates don’t get a job in their major right away. It takes some time, and any gift cards are helpful.


2. Money

Money can be put to use for anything the graduate needs. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

Many people give money, so it can all add up.


3. Luggage

When I graduated from high school, I had always used our family luggage. I did not have my own suitcase.

My own kids had suitcases when they graduated, but they were the same ones that they used throughout their childhood and were wearing out.

You could get the graduate a small carry-on size, or if that is too expensive, a personal size bag.

There are a lot of nice personal size bags (airplanes allow this size for free) being made with airline travel in mind. Many of them hold a lot of stuff and have all kinds of pockets for maximum use.

Check out some of the personal size bags you can get on Amazon!


4. Laundry Basket or Hamper with Laundry Items

I bought each of my nieces a laundry basket filled with laundry products when they graduated high school.

It was a small laundry basket. I put laundry detergent, stain remover, and fabric softener in it plus a couple of towels since they didn’t have their own.

They both really appreciated it since laundry isn’t something that you are thinking about when you graduate.


5. Books

Books can make nice graduation gifts.

They are really affordable and can be picked out just for the person.

I don’t buy the everyday books that you see on a store end cap made just for graduation. I pick out books that I have read and have a lot of meaning to me.┬áIt will be different for each person.

Recently, I gave a graduating student my favorite book on intercessory prayer. The student’s major is social work, and I know that he is going to need it.


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>> Life Changing Christian Books About Prayer


6. Stationery

Stationery sets can be a great graduation gift for someone who is moving away.

Although it may be a little old-fashioned, letter writing can be so meaningful to people that you miss.

If you give someone a stationery set, they can write letters to people they miss. If they receive letters back, they can have something to look back at when they are feeling lonely or homesick.

There are lots of nice stationery sets you can buy that come with fancy paper and envelopes. Including some stamps could also be helpful.


7. Storage Items

Whether the person is graduating high school or college, they will likely need storage and organization items for their dorm or apartment.

Storage items could include baskets or bins, hangers, a clothes hamper, etc.

Having organizational items can make the transition from home to dorms or an apartment a lot easier.


8. Photo Gifts

If you are looking for more personalized graduation gifts, photo gifts like photo books and scrapbooks can be a great idea.

Photo gifts are good if you have a close relationship to the person or have known them a long time.

You can make your own gifts or have a gift made through a company like Shutterfly.

Check out our Shutterfly review post for photo gift ideas.


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What graduation gifts have you given?

Comment down below what kinds of graduation gifts you’ve given in the past.


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Graduation Gifts on a Budget
Graduation Gifts on a Budget
Graduation Gifts on a Budget
Graduation Gifts on a Budget

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