Fun Family Card Games

Fun Family Card GamesAre you looking for some new games to play with your family? Even if you have a lot of board games and card games, you might still want to try out something new. These family card games are great for smaller and larger families.

We have included a variety of types of card games from word games to ones with numbers. You’ll be able to find something for everyone!


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#1 — Phase 10

The object of this game is to complete ten varied phase sequences. It is a rummy-type game where you compete to see who can get all ten phase sequences first. Phases are combinations of cards, and you must complete the current phase before moving on to the next one.

Both adults and kids will enjoy this game and can play together without one having an advantage over the other.

This game is good for kids learning number sequences, so it can be very educational.

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#2 — Pit

The object of this game is to get nine cards of the same suit (commodity) and either yell “Pit!” or ring the bell (it depends on the version you have). You trade your cards with other players, and it is really fast-paced.

This game is a lot of fun and simple to learn. There are special cards you can play with to make it even more exciting.

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#3 — Quiddler

The object of this game is to create words out of the letter cards you have. Each letter card is worth a different amount of points, and there are a few bonuses you can get like longest word or most number of words. Each round you get more cards than the previous one.

If you like word games, then you will likely enjoy this game. It is a fun family card game of skill and chance.

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#4 — Dutch Blitz

The object of this game is to get rid of the cards in your blitz pile. You have to play your cards in a certain sequence. Unlike a lot of card games, you don’t take turns. It’s a game of speed and focusing on your own card piles.

This game is pretty simple to learn, and it is quick to play.

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#5 — UNO

You might have already played this game, but if you haven’t, the object of this game is to get rid of all your cards. You play your cards based on color and number. What makes this game more fun is that there are extra cards that aren’t numbers that can be played like draw two cards, wild cards, etc.

There are also a variety of UNO games you can purchase. Some come with different style cards like Harry Potter, Barbie, etc. There are also other versions of UNO that have different rules like UNO Attack.

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#6 — Monopoly Deal

If you enjoy playing Monopoly but don’t like how long it takes to play, then you will like Monopoly Deal.

This card game is similar to the regular version of Monopoly except that you only use cards (there are no other pieces). The objects is to get three complete sets of properties. Besides money and property cards, there are other special cards you can play against other players.

It’s pretty easy to learn, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to play.

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#7 — Water Works

The object of this game is to create your pipeline from the valve to the spout. Other players can play leaky pipe cards on to your cards to try to stop you.

This is an interesting card game that has nothing to do with words or numbers. It’s all about getting your pipeline complete before everyone else.

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#8 — Exploding Kittens

This is a strategy card game that is pretty easy to learn and quick to play. The object of the game is to not get the exploding kitten card.

There are lots of different cards that can be played, and sometimes you can still stay in the game if you can defuse the exploding kitten.

This game is fun for both adults and kids! You can purchase different versions of this game as well as expansion packs.

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#9 — Twisted Fish

Twisted Fish | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

This is a different version of the classic card game Go Fish. You have more cards and different rules to make it more fun!

If you like the original Go Fish game, then you will have lots of fun with this new card game!

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What are your favorite family card games?

Comment down below!


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