Three Ways to Set Up a Monthly Prayer Calendar

Pinterest pinPraying for people on a regular basis has been a goal of ours. We wanted to make sure that we were continually praying for certain people every month, even if we did not have recent contact with them. It is so easy to forget to pray for someone you never see, so that is why we started using monthly prayer calendars.

Do you struggle to remember to pray for all of your family members? friends? or even just other people that you know? What about your country leaders?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then we can help you out!

We will be discussing the 3 different ways to create a prayer calendar. Then you can decide which format is best for you.


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1. Monthly Prayer List

A monthly prayer list is just a piece of paper that has the numbers 1-31 listed with a name or names written next to each number. I (Jessica) like to use this format because I like looking at lists. I like the order of them. Typically, I update them a couple times a year with new people that I want to pray for.


2. Monthly Prayer Calendar

A monthly prayer calendar is a calendar that is not for a specific month. It just has the days 1-31 written in a calendar format. I (Janie) used to use this format for years before I switched to the third format. It is easy to follow because you just find the day on the calendar and pray for the people listed.


3. Monthly Prayer Book

A monthly prayer book is basically a mini photo album turned into a prayer book. I (Janie) have been using this format for the last couple of years because it allows me to include pictures of the people I am praying for. This is especially helpful when praying for people that I have not seen recently.

I just printed pictures of each person that I wanted to pray for. Then I slid them in the photo album. I have their names written on pages without page protectors. You could also just write the names on the paper that the pictures are on.

Here is my example:

prayer book prayer book page


For the sake of privacy, I am just showing you the page where I pray for the government, leaders, countries, and missionaries. For my other pages, I have the names of people I know with their pictures in the actual pages that came with the photo album.

You can purchase mini binders from Amazon.


Tell us what you think!

Now that you have seen three different examples of a prayer calendar, we hope that you can find one that best suits you. They have been so helpful to us.

Remember that there are lots of different people that you could add to your calendar. You don’t have to know someone personally to pray for them.

Do you use a prayer calendar?

How has it changed your prayer life?

We would love to hear from you! Comment down below or connect with us on social media or through email.


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2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Set Up a Monthly Prayer Calendar

  1. I love these! I have such a hard time staying alert and focused during extended periods of prayer. I think one of these formats will help me tremendously! I’m leaning toward the third. Satan would love for us all to have a weak prayer strategy or none at all. Thank you for making it easier!

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