Harry Potter Printable Puzzles

Harry Potter Printable PuzzlesWe both love doing word puzzles from puzzle books, so we thought it would be fun to create some Harry Potter printable puzzles. While we have included a crossword puzzle and word search, we have also included some other types of puzzles as well.

These puzzles are good for people ages 10+. While some younger children may be able to do these puzzles, some may be too difficult for them.


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Harry Potter Printable Puzzles

We have included 8 different types of puzzles and their answer keys.

They are black and white for easy printing and fit 8.5” x 11” paper.


Disclaimer: We do not own the Harry Potter fonts used in these puzzles, and these puzzles are for personal use only. They should not be reproduced for profit.


How to access these puzzles

Click on the Resource Library link at the top of the website and choose “printable games.”

You can click on the HP Puzzle Pack button to jump to that part of the page, or you can scroll down until you find them.

The puzzles are one document and the answer key is another.

Click on the document you want to download, and it will open up in a new tab. From there, you can download to your computer or print.


Enter Diagon Alley Puzzle

Enter Diagon Alley Puzzle Enter Diagon Alley Puzzle Clues

The instructions for this word puzzle are pretty simple. Read the clues and fill in the 8-letter answers for each set of squares. The two squares where the sets of letters touch will be the same letters. Answers start on the number and go clockwise.

So basically, you have to figure out answers to 24 different clues, and all of your answers are 8-letters long. The fact that the letters are the same from where the sets of squares touch will help you figure out some of the more difficult clues.


King’s Crossword Puzzle

King's Crossword Puzzle King's Crossword Puzzle Clues

This is the same as other crossword puzzles except that it features Harry Potter related words.

All of the answers in this puzzle start with the letter “C” or the letter “G”.


Hidden Last Names Word Search

Hidden Last Names

This word search puzzle is slightly harder than a regular word search because we have only provided the first letter of the words you need to find. All the words are last names of characters from the Harry Potter universe.


Prefects Bubble Bath Puzzle

Prefects Bubble Bath Puzzle

In this Harry Potter puzzle, you will need to read the clues and fill in the answers in the bubbles. The answers start at the numbers and then follow the lines. The rows with bolded circles spell out Harry Potter related words horizontally.


Disguised Words

Disguised Words

This crypto-puzzle requires you to figure out what each of the letters represent. There are three of these puzzles included, and the letters represent different letters in each of the puzzles.

For example, all “A’s” might represent the letter “P” in one puzzle but not the others.

To solve these puzzles, it is easiest if you figure out what one of the words might be by looking at words with double letters or more than one of a certain letter in that word.


Invisible Consonants

Invisible Consonants

In this puzzle, all the consonants are missing from the words. The consonants are given to you, but you have to figure out where they go.


Scrambled Words

Scrambled Words

In this puzzle, you have to unscramble letters to come up with words that have to do with Dumbledore. Your answers are written in boxes, and some of those boxes have numbers on them. The letters in the numbered boxes can then be transferred to the boxes at the bottom of the puzzle to spell out a Dumbledore phrase.


The Wand Chooses the Wizard

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

In this matching puzzle, you have to match the wand wood type to its owner. A few of the characters mentioned had more than one wand in the series, so you will have to figure out which one goes with which.


What other Harry Potter printable puzzles would you like?

We had a lot of fun creating these puzzles. Are there other types of puzzles that you would enjoy? Please let us know in the comments below!


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