Christmas Scattergories & Other Free Printable Lists

Pinterest pinEven though we’ve created some Scattergories lists in the past, we have never done any with holidays. In this new group of cards, we now have Christmas Scattergories, more music-themed ones, fall-themed ones, and more!

If you’re tired of using the same old Scattergories lists, then you will love these new FREE printable Scattergories cards.

Please read the directions below for downloading your files.


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New Categories

We have created 4 new double-sided cards for you. On each card there are 4 lists (2 on one side and 2 on the other side).


Card #1 — Music

This card has the following lists: Instruments, Songs, Vocalists, and Other Music.


Card #2 — Games

This card has the following lists: Video Games, Board Games, Outdoor Games & Sports, and Other Games.


Card one and card two are printed double-sided on the same piece of card stock, so that no paper is wasted.


Card #3 — Places

On this card, you will find the following categories: At the Zoo, At the Museum, Out West in the U.S., and East Side of the U.S.


Card #4 — Holidays & Seasons

This card has the following lists: Christmas, Halloween & Fall, Summer & Spring, and Special Occasion.


Cards 3 and 4 are designed to be printed on the same piece of card stock in order to get double-sided cards.


Downloading Instructions

If you have already signed up for our Resource Library, you can go ahead and access these cards plus a lot more printables. Access them here.

You will need the password that you received in our welcome email. If you’ve lost the password, you can email us at


Step 1: Sign Up for Our Resource Library

In order to access our resource library of printables, you have to sign up for it. It is completely FREE!

You can sign up by clicking the image below.

Resource Library Sign Up


Step 2: Confirm Subscription

After you have filled out the sign up form, you will get an email that asks you to confirm your subscription. This step is necessary to make sure that people don’t accidentally sign up for the resource library.

In this email, you will need to click the “Confirm Subscription” button/text.

You should get this email within a few minutes of filling out the sign up form and submitting it.


Step 3: Read the Welcome Email

After you have confirmed your subscription, you should receive a welcome email from us within a few minutes.

If you have not chosen to receive emails from us, then the welcome email should be the last email you receive from us.

In this welcome email, you will get a password to access the resource library. Use this password on the Resource Library page.

You can access the resource library by clicking on the button at the top of our website. The link to it is also in the welcome email.


Step 4: Download Your Cards

After you have entered the password, click on the printable games section.

You can click the “Scattergories Lists” button or scroll down until you find the different cards.

There are three sets of cards so far. To access these new cards, click on the image for Card Set 3. It should open up the PDF in a new tab (at least it does for Google Chrome). We would suggest downloading them to your computer because they are easier to print from your computer instead of from the internet.


Printing the Scattergories Cards

After downloading the cards from the resource library, you should print these lists double-sided on card stock.

By printing them double-sided, it will put the correct lists all together.


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