Harry Potter Monopoly FAQs & Game Examples

Harry Potter Monopoly FAQs & Game ExamplesA couple years ago, we wrote a post about creating your own Harry Potter Monopoly game using our free templates. Since we posted that, we’ve had thousands of people from all over the world interested in making their own game. We thought that it would be helpful to show you some of the games our readers were able to make, and we will be answering some frequently asked questions!


If you are interested in making your own Harry Potter Monopoly game, you can read our post here: DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game with Printables & Instructions


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Our Readers’ Harry Potter Monopoly Games!

These are some of the games that our readers have been able to make with our templates. We are so amazed by all of the creative versions people have been able to make!


Roll-able Double-Sided Harry Potter Monopoly & Candy Land Game

Picture Credit: Caroline from Sweden

roll up game

We love the way that Caroline was able to use our printables to create this creative roll-able game!

She put Monopoly on one side and Candy Land on the other. It can be rolled up to fit in a tube that’s covered with the Marauder’s Map. How fun!

Caroline also created some new instructions with different rules. We enjoy seeing our printables being used in new and creative ways!

| DIY Harry Potter Board Game: Candy Land

Harry Potter Candy Land


Harry Potter Monopoly with 3D-printed Castles & Huts

Picture Credit: Chantel from Canada


Chantel used our printables and added her own personalized additions such as:

  • using 3D-printed castles & huts that she painted
  • painting the money tray house colors
  • using mini Funko Pops for pieces
  • creating a box insert with The Tale of the Three Brothers
  • Adding backs to the Daily Prophet & Quibbler cards

We like all of the creative ideas and think it turned out really well!

board & money





Printed at Home Harry Potter Monopoly Game

Picture Credit: Dave from the UK


We think it’s great that Dave was able to print all of the game at home to enjoy with his family. Such a good idea to use Harry Potter Lego figures for the pieces! It all turned out so well!

cards & pieces


Harry Potter Monopoly with Black Border

Picture Credit: Lucy from the UK

game board

If you have a board that’s a bit bigger than what prints out, you can use black tape to give your game a border (and keep the edges from peeling) just like Lucy did.

We like that she was able to use our printables to make this board.

She created her own money, and we love how it turned out!



Customized Wooden Table Harry Potter Monopoly

Picture Credit: Rebecca from the US


We are amazed by the wooden table game that Rebecca created. She used some of our printables for the pieces of the game, but the table is so creative and cool!

Look at how the inside opens up to store all of the pieces!

inside of table

Even the sides and legs of the table look cool!



FAQs for Making Our DIY Harry Potter Monopoly

We get a lot of questions from people making our game, so we thought it would be helpful to share some of them. If you still have other questions that you need answered, feel free to email us at jessica@nowthatsthrifty.com


#1—Do the Daily Prophet & Quibbler cards have backs to them?

These cards do not have backs to them.

When we designed this game, we used our older version of Monopoly as inspiration. In the older version of the game, the Chance & Community Chest cards are only one-sided. You just tell the difference because of the different colors of card stock on which they are printed.


#2—How do I print the game board at home?

Since creating our original blog post, we have added both the regular and Christmas edition game boards to our resource library that already have the game split into 6 pieces to be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper.

These pieces can be overlapped to create your board.


#3—Where should I print the game board and box lid?

Due to copyright issues, some people have not been able to print at big name companies such as Staples or Office Depot. Some people have been able to print at these places, but we think it depends on who’s working when visiting the stores.

You might have more success at a local print shop if you have that option.

As far as online, a few of our readers have suggested some websites that worked for them. We have not used these businesses, but some of our readers have and recommend them.


#4—Can I make a bottom of the box?

We can help you create a cover for the bottom of your box if you wish.

The only problem that you might have with this is that the box lid might fit too tightly over the box bottom since you will be adding a layer to both sides.


#5—Is there a way to cover up my box insert?

Some Monopoly games (newer ones especially) have a box insert that has pictures and words on it.

One easy fix is to remove the tape on the sides of the insert and turn it inside out. Then, you can re-tape it. It will just be a solid color.

Another option is that you can have us create an insert cover that you can print out. You would just need to measure it and email us the dimensions and what design / picture you would want on it.


#6—Is there an 8.5” x 11” version of the instructions?

We created our original instructions to fold out, so it is on 11” x 17” paper, but we have since added the 8.5″ x 11″ instructions to the resource library.

If you want a smaller version that you can print easier at home, we recommend choosing the 8.5″ x 11″ option.


#7 — What kind of paper should I use for printing the box lid & board?

We have printed all of our box lids and game boards at our local university on their poster printer. While we don’t know the exact specifications of this paper, we know that we used a thicker paper for the board than for the box lid.

The box lid cover needs to be able to be folded easily over the sides of the box. If you are having it printed somewhere, it would probably be best if you told them what you were trying to make and have them suggest the best paper for that purpose. Print shops will have different options of paper, but not all print shops will necessarily have the same types of paper. Also, depending on what country you live in, the paper might have a different name. Just know that it should be thicker than normal paper that you would put in your printer at home.

As far as the board, you can honestly use even thicker paper if you would like. Although, if you are printing your board in sections, I would recommend a thinner paper since you will be overlapping pieces. Remember that your board has creases which means that you will need to be able to bend your board if you want to fold it up.


What other questions do you have?

Comment down below!


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Harry Potter Monopoly FAQs & Game Examples

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  1. How do I attach my poster to one of the monopoly boards that folds into quarters? I have one of the newer game boards.

    1. Hi Leah, We’ve made a couple with a board that folds into quarters. We’ve found that cutting the paper board in half before attaching it works pretty well. Then, you attach one half at a time. You will just have to make sure they line up.


  2. I printed out the 6 page spread but the game board that prints is only 17.5 inches, not 19 as described? I would love for it to be the full 19 inches, so that the spaces are the appropriate size!


    1. Hello Megan,

      When you printed out the board, did you choose the setting “actual size” or “fit to size” in your print settings?

    1. For any of the printables that are normally 8.5″ x 11″, I think it would be okay to print on A4 paper. It might not fill up the paper quite the same, but they should be fine. I would make sure that when you go to print, that you look at the print preview before printing to make sure that it’s not cutting anything off. It might be better to choose “fit to page” instead of “print actual size.” Please let us know how they turn out for you since we have not tried printing on A4 paper.

  3. When I try to save the image it will only let me save it in 2 pages so I am unable to upload it to be printed everywhere ive tried. Is it possible to get the file of just the image and not the first page of instructions?

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    1. Hi Ellen,

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  5. I love some of the sets of money that are pictured but I cannot find access to any of them. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Hi Molly,

      We only have access to the printable money we created. The other ones pictured are ones from other websites that our readers used, or they created them themselves.

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