Simple Scrapbook Page Ideas

Simple Scrapbook Page IdeasAre you new to scrapbooking or are you just looking for some new simple scrapbook page ideas?

Since I’ve had to stay home lately, I’ve started working on unfinished scrapbooks. I have a bunch of idea books I can look at, but there are a lot of page layouts in them. It is very overwhelming to me to look through these types of books.

When scrapbooking, it can be hard to come up with ideas for layouts for every page.

To give you some less overwhelming ideas, I am sharing some of my favorite simple scrapbook page ideas. These are layouts that I use on a regular basis and can easily be used to fit whatever type of scrapbook you’re making.


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#1 — Object as the Background

object for background

One idea that I use in most of my scrapbooks is to create a background based on an object in one of the pictures I’m using.

For example, my pictures from a new gazebo are surrounded by my cut-out of a gazebo. Similarly, my Seattle photos have a cut-out of the Space Needle on the page.

My cut-outs are not really detailed. They are simple but add interest to the page.

Use a piece of card stock to cut out your background. You can freehand it, or you could draw with a pencil first. It doesn’t have to be super detailed.


#2 — Collage of Pictures


If you have a lot of photos that are similar, you can create a collage on a page. You can overlap pictures if you would like, but I like to keep mine straight.

This type of page usually works well for something like zoo photos where your subject may be smaller because you’re taking photos from a distance.

To make a collage page, you have to be able to cut down your pictures to make them smaller.

The easiest way for me to cut down pictures is to use a paper cutter. This allows you to cut straight lines easily. You could also use stencils, but that is more of a pain because you have to trace and then cut.


#3 — Mats & Frames


Using mats and frames for pictures is a simple way to improve the look of your pages.

I like the way pictures look when matted, so I use a lot of them. It is especially nice-looking on a patterned background. It will make your pictures stand out more, and your page won’t look too busy.

This technique also works well if you use multiple mats for a picture if you don’t have a lot to fill up a page.


#4 — Add a Smaller Page

8.5x11 page

I like to use 12” x 12” scrapbooks. Sometimes, I have a few extra photos that do not fit on a two-page spread. If this is the case, I use a smaller page (such as an 8.5” x 11” page) between my pages to include these extra photos.

Extra pages are also good for restaurant menus and anything else that doesn’t quite fit in your two-page layout. If you are making a school scrapbook, 8.5” x 11” pages are great for storing school papers.


#5 — Add Texture


Using textured paper is an easy way to add some depth to your pages.

Some ideas for adding texture:

Mulberry paper is a thin paper that tears easily and makes a nice textured frame for a photo. Embossed paper also adds different textures to your layouts with a raised feel to it. A simple ribbon can be used for a border and to add some texture.


#6 — Include 3-D Objects

3D objects

Small 3-D objects can make a page interesting or tie your theme together.

I have put wires on a page with C-3PO (because he has wires) and saved some sand from the beach I visited in a small, flat container.

Other 3-D type objects you can put on pages include: buttons, flat charms or jewels, dried flowers, and leaves.

If you don’t have any 3-D objects, you can also use pop dots to make any flat picture or letters stand out. Pop dots are small foam dots that slightly raise your photos, cut-outs, borders, letters, etc. They have adhesive on both sides, so you stick one side to your page and the other side to your object.


#7 — Cut Photos


Sometimes for a different look on a page, I will cut a photo apart and add some space between the pieces. You can make slats or have it be mosaic style.

I usually only do this to pictures that don’t have people in them.

You can also cut out objects or people in your photographs. This is good if you don’t care about the background of a picture or even if you want to fit more pictures on a page.

If you want to try something really different, you can cut your pictures to fit a large shape. An example of this is my airplane pages from the picture below.

pictures into shape


#8 — Stick to a Color Scheme

When making a scrapbook, you can keep the same color scheme throughout the album or just for photos that go together. If you tend to be indecisive about what style you want your pages to be, this can be a helpful idea.

An example of this type of album would be to make a baby scrapbook and stick with a variety of pink or blue colors for the whole album.

If you are doing a scrapbook for a vacation, you may want to keep a different color scheme for each place you visited.

If you are using a hodgepodge of colors for a layout, it can always be tied together with matching borders.


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What are your favorite simple scrapbook page ideas?

Do you have any go to layouts that you use? Comment down below!


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Simple Scrapbook Page Layouts
Simple Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners
Simple Scrapbook Page Layouts
Simple Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners

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  1. Thank you for these tips on scrapbooking. I would never have thought to include a smaller page in between two larger pages in the event of having an excess of similar pictures or cutting down several similar pictures to create a collage.

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