Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales

Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales Pinterest postGarage sale season is upon us. If you don’t usually go to garage sales, I want to encourage you to go to some this summer. You can find all kinds of things at the sales—things for yourself, gifts, and items to re-purpose or resell.

Here are some things we found last year at garage sales and what we did with them.


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#1 Large Flower Rug

This rug cost $5


I got this rug because it looked nice and was very inexpensive. I had a room that needed a large rug (it’s 82″ x 60″).

Make sure when buying a rug or carpet piece that it is free of bugs, stains, and smells. This rug is not washable, so checking for those things was important.


#2 Hero Quest Board Game

This game cost 75¢

Hero Quest board game

I found this Hero Quest game at a church sale. I had seen it on ebay and knew that it would sell even if it were missing pieces.

It was missing a few pieces (it has a lot of pieces that it comes with), but I did end up selling it on ebay for around $80.

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#3 Square Coffee Table

This table cost $6

coffee table

Last summer I thought I would try to refinish/re-purpose some furniture. I bought this coffee table which had a few stains on top.

Then, I painted part of the top (to cover the stains) but left the rest with the original wood finish.

I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but I had intended to take it to a craft show.

coffee table

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#4 Sweaters

These sweaters were 3 for $1


Garage sales can be a great place to find clothes. Even though you can’t try on clothes at garage sales, they are usually cheap enough that you can take a chance on them.

I like the longer sweaters that are in style right now. They don’t ride up when you are bending over. They are also warm in the winter since they cover up more.


#5 Quinto Board Game

This game cost $1

Quinto board game

I found this game and had intended to sell it since it was older. I decided to play it first since it has easy instructions. It is sort of like a Scrabble game but with numbers instead. I really like the game and am keeping it instead of selling it.

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#6 Wooden Folding Chairs

These chairs were $2 each

folding chairs

I bought a group of folding chairs to fix up. I thought that I would re-purpose them to go with a table or just stand alone.

Although I haven’t done anything with them yet, but they are great for extra seating at holidays. They also fold away which takes up less room than normal chairs.


#7 Scooby Doo Blanket

This blanket cost $3


I already had a blanket identical to this one. Mine is over ten years old and starting to wear. It has always been my favorite blanket since my sister gave it to me for Christmas. It is well made, soft, and warm. I mostly bought this new one to replace mine.


#8 Snap-Together Measuring Cup Set

This set cost $1

measuring cups

I got a set of these measuring cups back in the 1980’s. They came with a carousel that held the measuring cups, snap-together measuring spoons, and other cooking utensils.

The carousel eventually wore out, and I replaced it with a wooden one that had the same purpose. The handle broke off my cup size measuring cup, and I use that size a lot! I was able to find a replacement set for only $1 at a garage sale.


#9 Table Top Fan

This fan cost $3


This is an older style fan from the late 1980’s or early 90’s. It has a metal cage and is made better than newer fans.

I bought this fan because our other fans like this type all lasted at least ten years.


#10 Darth Vader Figure (31 inches tall!)

This Darth Vader cost $5

Darth Vader

I didn’t buy this for any reason other than I liked it and it is big. My kids are older now, but when they were young I bought a lot of their toys at garage sales. It is a great place to find nice toys at an affordable price.


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What are your favorite garage sale finds?

Comment down below things you like to look for and some of the best deals you’ve gotten.


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Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales Pinterest post
Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales Pinterest post
Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales Pinterest post
Save Money by Shopping at Garage Sales Pinterest post

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  1. Inquiring about the scooby doo blanket. My daughter who is going through dialysis lost her blanket from her childhood one day at the center anb she’s really bummed.

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