Overlooked Ways to Save Money on Services

Overlooked Ways to Save Money on ServicesEvery year, people spend a lot of money on a variety of services for their health, appearance, home, etc. Although many of these things are necessities, it can still be hard to afford them. To help you spend a little less while still getting the things you need, we are sharing with you some overlooked ways to save money on services.


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Save Money on Lawn Maintenance

If you have a large yard, you may feel that having a riding lawn mower would be incredibly helpful. Riding lawn mowers can be very expensive compared to push mowers.

One way to offset the cost of a riding lawnmower (or any lawn care equipment) is to share it with a neighbor.

If you have a trusted neighbor, you could purchase a lawnmower together and take turns using it. This gives both of you the tool you need at half the cost.

This could work for a variety of items including power tools, leaf blowers, snow blowers, etc.


| Other ways to save money on your yard


Save Money on Personal Grooming Services

How much money do you spend a year on haircuts and other hair styling services?

One way that you can save money is by having cosmetology students do your hair.

You might be afraid to have someone who is inexperienced cut your hair, but honestly there’s a good chance that you will get an even better service for a fraction of the cost.

Cosmetology students work under the supervision of a licensed hair dresser. Also, people generally work very carefully when they are in the beginning stages of their career. This means that you are less likely to have a lazy hair dresser.

Besides haircuts, cosmetology students learn a variety of other services as well, so they might be a great idea if you are planning for a big event like prom.

Contact the nearest cosmetology school and ask what they offer.


Save Money on Trash Disposal Services

Most people have to pay for a trash disposal service (unless it’s included in your rent).

If you are a single person or just have a household that doesn’t have a lot of trash, consider sharing your trash service with another person.

You could split a trash service with a neighbor, friend, significant other, etc.

For example, say you only ever fill your garbage can half way. If you know someone else that does the same thing, you could just split a trash service together. That way you are only paying for the half you use.


Ways to Save Money on Medical Services

Whether you’re just getting your annual physical, dental checkup, or any other procedure, medical bills can be sooo expensive!

Here are two different ways that you can cut down on medical bills:


#1 — Use an Online Doctor

Many insurance companies allow you to use an online doctor at no cost to you. This means, that you can video chat with a doctor and even get a prescription without ever visiting the doctor’s office.

An example of an online doctor would be Teladoc.

While this won’t work for every kind of visit, it can work for a variety of issues such as having poison ivy. There are a lot of diagnoses that can be made just by looking at you without ever having to test for something.

You can also talk to mental health professionals through services like Teladoc. There are other companies as well. You just have to see what your insurance covers or compare the rates if you don’t have insurance.


 #2 — Have Procedures Done By Medical Students

Do you have a child that needs braces for their teeth? Check out the nearest university with a dental program. You may be able to save a ton of money on braces by having them done by an orthodontist student. They will still be under the supervision of an actual orthodontist, so you don’t have to worry about them doing a bad job.

Besides braces, you can also save a ton on teeth cleanings. Dental students charge way less than a normal dentist, so this is especially helpful if you don’t have dental insurance.


What services do you have a hard time affording?

Comment down below! We would love to add more tips to this post.


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